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Cake Wrecks

Professional cakes gone horribly wrong.

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  • Is That A Baby In Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
    Kids today, with all their weird hobbies: (PS - Oh! Hey! Think this is Isabella?)   Ariel's company wanted their vision statement written on a cake, but made the rookie mistake of e-mailing a cellphone photo of their office wall plaque as a re...
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  • The Spoopy Problem With October Birthdays
    A few of you remarked on my use of the word "spoopy" on Epbot last week, so I'd just like to point out that's totally a thing people say and/or write on cakes: See? However. Like all fun new lingo we youngin's use [WHAT I'M YOUNG], this may confuse ...
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  • Well, THAT'S Handsy
    You know those cringe-inducing pregnancy photos where the mom-to-be's mostly naked and the shirtless dad is standing behind her caressing her belly, and all you can think is how you don't even like going to the pool in a bikini, but here they are, ...
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    John and I play a lot of video games because we make excellent life choices, and last night was a particularly Jen kind of game.
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  • Sunday Sweets: Kids Cartoons!
    Kids' shows get some of the cutest cakes, you guys.
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