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Cake Wrecks

Professional cakes gone horribly wrong.

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Humor > General
  • What The Fern?
    Far be it from me to question the existence of any cake - it's CAKE, after all - but sometimes, when I'm staring with horrified fascination at a spotted vomitous mass one of you found on a display shelf, I have to ask myself: "Hey, what's that little...
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  • Oh Tannen Bums
    Don't sweat it, bakers; this month is going to be easy as pie.
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  • Sunday Sweets: Gingerbread Bliss
    There's something so approachable about gingerbread houses: (By SpiceCakeHouse, Russia) You see a gorgeous one like this, and think to yourself, "Y'know, with just a little more training, patience, artistic ability, time, and talent, I could make th...
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  • Rising To The Occasion
    [WARNING: Those blessed/cursed with a dirty mind are going to find this post hee-LARIOUS - but should probably clear the room of innocents first.
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  • To Be Blunt...
    You're beautiful!   You're beautiful!   You're beautiful, It's true.   I saw this cake, On a tin foil plate   And I don't know what to do.
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