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  • I Took My Doggy for a Walk
    I took my doggy for a walk. I thought it would be fun. The moment that we got outside he took off at a run. I gripped the handle of his leash. It instantly pulled tight. My dog was strong.
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  • Random Miranda
    I'm Random Miranda. Bananas are good. Remember the alphabet. Dinosaurs would. The things that I tell you, may seem rather strange, but that's just because here's a dollar in change. And next week I'm going to isn't this fun? So never let anyone ha...
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  • My Virtual Puppy
    I purchased a virtual puppy. He lives in an app on my phone. He digs in a virtual garden to bury a virtual bone. I feed him with virtual dog food. I'm teaching him virtual tricks, like giving me virtual handshakes and fetching his virtual sticks. ...
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  • Our Teacher’s a Hippie
    Our teacher's a hippie, like from some old movie. He likes to say "trippy," and "far out," and "groovy!" He dresses in tie-dye and bell-bottom pants. He listens to hi-fi. "The Twist" is his dance. He says, "psychedelic!" He's truly old-school. He...
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  • Wendy Wise
    There was a girl named Wendy Wise, who didn't like to exercise. She wouldn't ever lift a weight, or skip a rope, or roller skate. You'd never see her ride a bike, or bounce a ball, or take a hike. She wouldn't run, or trot, or jog, or go outside and...
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  • My Brother Ate My Smartphone
    My brother ate my smartphone. Although it might sound strange, he swallowed it and, bit by bit, his brains began to change. He started getting smarter. He grew so shrewd and wise. And I could see that, suddenly, a light was in his eyes. He knew a...
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  • Santa’s Feeling Sick
    Daddy called the doctor, and told him, "Please come quick. Santa's in the living room and feeling somewhat sick." Santa's slightly out of sorts. He's looking rather ill, showing certain symptoms like a fever and a chill." Sad to say, he's shiverin...
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  • To B or Not to B
    I bought a black banana, And a broken baseball bat. A burst balloon, a busted boat, A beat-up bowler hat. I wasn’t being brainy, bright, or brilliant, but you see, My brain was boggled after Being bitten by a bee....
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  • Our Teacher Likes Minecraft
    Our teacher likes Minecraft. She plays it all day. She tells us to study so she can go play. She'll dig in her mine, going deeper and deeper, then fight off a skeleton, zombie, or creeper. She'll engineer buildings from dirt, wood, and stone, the...
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  • Pimple Problem
    I had a little problem. It gave me quite a scare. I looked into the mirror and saw a pimple there. That pimple was enormous and growing on my nose, both bigger than a button, and redder than a rose. I knew my friends would notice. I thought that t...
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