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  • I Didn’t Do It
    I've heard that you can't get in trouble for something that you didn't do. My mother said that was correct. My teacher confirmed it was true. I'm guessing they must not have meant it; imagine my shock and dismay when I found out I was in trouble f...
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  • Try to Lick Your Elbow
    Your elbow's pretty hard to reach, although it's awfully near. Just try to lick your elbow, or to put it in your ear. You cannot reach your elbow with your shoulder or your nose. It's practically impossible to touch it with your toes. Your elbow ...
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  • Spring Is Here!
    Spring is here! At last it's here! I'm so glad I gave a cheer! I'm so pleased I had to say, "Wow! Yippee! Hip-hip hooray!" I'm so thrilled I did a dance. Then I went and wet my plants....
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  • Everything We Learn at School
    In school we're learning lots of things that make us really smart, like Reading, Writing, Science, Math, Technology, and Art. There's Music once or twice a week, Computers every day, plus Spelling, and Geography, and Recess, when we play. We take...
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  • Cheese Breeze
    Whenever I eat dairy, it makes me have to toot. You might think that sounds scary. I think it's kind of cute. A sip of milk, some butter, a tiny bit of cheese, will make my tummy flutter and cause a "bottom breeze." An ice cream cone or custard, ...
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  • I Don’t Watch TV
    I don't watch TV. I mean, who's got the time? I only watch YouTube, and Netflix, and Prime, and Hulu, and Crackle, and Roku, and Tubi, and Vudu, and Hoopla, and Yahoo, and Mubi, and Google, and Apple, and Vimeo too, and Disney, and PopcornFlix. ...
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  • Don’t Forget to Floss
    The dentist told me, "Brush your teeth, and don't forget to floss." I promised I would do it and told him, "You're the boss!" When I got home, I brushed my teeth, then found the perfect stance. I swung my hips and swept my arms as I began to dance...
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  • My City
    Here's a little ditty that I wrote about my city, which I think is very pretty and I think is very nice. All the people are appealing. There is such a friendly feeling that is calm and spirit-healing. I would call it paradise. You can walk around...
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  • I Have a Bunch of Batteries
    I have a bunch of batteries I need to give away, and if you'd like to have them, you can get them all today. I didn't want to throw them out. They're yours to take instead. I probably should warn you, though, these batteries are dead. I have a lo...
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  • Book Storm
    I wasn't doing anything; just lying on my bed, when my dictionary tumbled down and smacked me on the head. Then Harry Potter toppled off, and Judy Moody too. I almost got knocked out by Wimpy Kid and Nancy Drew. Then Fancy Nancy whacked me. All t...
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